Wrong Text Turns Into Thanksgiving Tradition That Continues In Arizona

Four years ago, Wanda Dench of Mesa, Arizona, accidentally sent a text to a stranger -- 17-year-old Jamal Hinton, inviting Jamal to Thanksgiving dinner.

After Jamal explained to Wanda that she had the wrong number, he asked if he could still come over for the holiday meal. She said yes.

That tradition of Jamal visiting Wanda and her family on Thanksgiving has continued each year since then -- and continued this year … only a bit differently than in years past.

Jamal visited Wanda and her immediate family last Friday. But, things were different because Wanda’s husband, Lonnie, wasn’t there. He passed away due to coronavirus complications back in April.

But still, Wanda, her family, and Jamal were able to celebrate Lonnie’s life at the meal, which included a turkey, mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie -- along with stories of their celebrations in the past.

The Today Show has the story HERE

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