HOLIDAYS: One of the Hottest Toys of the Season Is Not What You’d Expect

Apparently, the hottest toy of the holiday season isn’t a brand-new gaming console or an American Girl doll. It’s something called a Nugget Foam Couch. It’s basically a sectional of large foam pillows that kids can build forts with or create the perfect seat for napping, snuggling in for a movie or reading their favorite story. Parents love it because it inspires creativity and physical activity for any age.

If that sounds like the perfect gift for your kids, well, you’re out of luck. There’s an 8-month waiting list for the couch, which retails for between $229 to $259, depending on what color you choose. Thereis,however, a lottery you can enter that will let you, maybe, get the foam couch in 3 weeks. Check it out (Insider)