McDonald’s Happy Meal Tweet Causes Existential Crisis Online

A bunch of folks on social media got pretty emotional this weekend, and their feels came from a very unlikely source – McDonald’s. 

The fast food chain’s Twitter account had folks thinking about their life choices with one surprisingly emotional tweet, sharing, “One day you ordered a Happy Meal for the last time and you didn't even know it.”

Well, the tweet got some fans worried, with folks responding, "How are you doing McDonald's?" with the account responding, "I'm in my feels today clearly.” "You good?" asked another, with the account responding, “Ignoring that I'm having an existential crisis, yes.”

Others simply had an emotional reaction to the post, with one person, noting, “Why did you have to do this now," and another adding, "I was not planning to cry today but thank you.”

Of course at least one person isn’t thinking about their last happy meal yet. Twitter userJake Ryannoted, “No no, I still eat them at 19.”

Check out the other reactions below:


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