Man Gives Car To Teacher In Need

Cory Schneider of St. Petersburg, Florida, was the proud owner of his late grandmother’s 1997 Ford Crown Victoria. Except … He didn’t need the car.

But instead of just selling it and pocketing the money, Cory posted a message on Reddit, offering it -- for free -- to someone who needed it.

A bunch of messages came in -- and Cory ended up picking a 31-year-old substitute teacher named Mark Selby, who’d been living with his mother while recovering from a car accident that had totaled his own vehicle.

It was an awesome boost for Mark, but things got even better when local entrepreneur Marcel Gruber put $400 into the glove box to cover registration and other costs.

The three men even turned out to live near one another -- and were all brought together thanks to Cory’s generosity and a simple Reddit posting.

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