Feds Say Only Dogs Can Fly as Service Animals

Heads up for anyone trying to bring their emotional support camel on their next flight; the Department of Transportation has tightened its rules, saying only dogs can fly in plane cabins as service animals. In around 30 days, any pets that are used for "emotional support" won't be boarding the plane with their owners any longer. Now, if you want to bring your emotional support turtle - or whatever - you'll have to pay a fee while the pet gets put in the cargo hold. It's estimated that the airlines industry will gain near $60 million in pet fees annually. The agency made the decision Wednesday, saying that cats, pot-bellied pigs, and, yes, even peacocks on planes have "eroded the public trust in legitimate service animals." The Feds are also sick of people misrepresenting their house pets as "service animals" only for them to whizz on the plane's floor or bite passengers. Read more here https://abcnews.go.com/Travel/wireStory/us-tightens-definition-service-animals-allowed-planes-74503956