Most Americans Have Started Stockpiling Supplies For COVID Winter Wave

While a coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon, it seems a lot of American are anticipating a rough winter, and are making sure they are prepared to be hunkered down for a few more months.

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • 34% of Americans, or 86.7 million, have started stockpiling supplies for a COVID-19 winter wave.
  • 35% haven’t done so yet, but are planning to.
  • During October and the first week of November, Americans spent on average $359 on their stockpiles.
  • The most popular items to stockpile include:
    • Food (64%)
    • Hand sanitizer (61%)
    • Cleaning supplies (60%)
    • Face masks (60%)
    • Water (49%)
    • Paper products (49%)
    • Alcohol (45%)
  • Back in March when the first wave hit Americans spent about $178 stockpiling items.
  • There were several supplies many regretted not purchasing at that time, including:
    • Paper products (49%)
    • Cleaning supplies (46%)
    • Hand sanitizer (43%)
    • Face masks (38%)
    • Alcohol (30%) 


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