Worst Holiday Decorating Mistakes

Think you’re pretty great at decorating for the holiday season? According to an article in theWall Street Journal, the more decorations may not always mean the merrier. They’ve named what they consider the five worst holiday decorating mistakes. Do you agree?

Way too many knick-knacks: That collection you’ve been cultivating for years might just be overkill. It can quickly go from cute to tacky if you aren’t careful.

Trees that are way too big or way too small for your space: Your tree should comfortably fit in the room and never scrape the ceiling or require you to chop the pointy top off.

Fake greenery: Some artificial garland looks great, but most of it looks incredibly fake. If you don’t want to put up the real stuff, just skip it

Overcompensating for kids: Kid decorations are great … just make sure they don’t take over.

Don’t stick to red and green decor only: Go with hints of holiday colors instead of bombarding your home like a Hallmark movie. And don’t dismiss white, silver and gold as Christmas colors.

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