Man Dresses As Buddy The Elf To Meet His Bio Dad

Doug Henning of Eliot, Maine, took a page out of the movieElfwhen he met his biological father for the first time. Doug showed up at the airport for this special meeting, in a costume, dressed as Buddy the Elf.

Doug grew up with adopted parents that he described as “amazing.” But, he wanted to know more about his personal background, so he did some digging online and found his biological father -- Raul.

They arranged a meeting and, when Raul landed at the airport in Boston, he met his biological son for the first time -- dressed in a green elf costume.

Doug went the extra mile and sang a song from the movie to Raul.

Doug admits that his biological dad Raul “probably thought (he) was a lunatic,” but defended his actions as “a really good way to break the ice.” (

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