Protect Yourself from Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

Porch pirates probably think they're going to haul it in with an increase in online purchases this year. If you're looking to keep your loot out of the hands of thieves this holiday season, Susan Bach of the Better Business Bureau has some great tips: Don't leave packages unattended. Take advantage of any tracking tool your retailer or delivery company offers so you'll know when that package shows up. If possible, have your package delivered somewhere else. Ask your friends or employer if it's okay to have those Amazon boxes mailed to their home or work. Bach also noted that "A camera on your porch really is a deterrent for porch pirates. I've even seen signs drawing attention to their camera. Those are all good tools as well. If you see something, share that video with your postal inspector or local law enforcement. Chances are they're not just hitting your house. Sharing video would really help with an investigation." Read more here