Board Games Are The Hot Gift For 2020

You could say 2020 is the year of board games, and that’s good for families. As winter moves in and the uncertainty continues to swirl, people are turning to board games for nostalgic fun.

Toy company Hasbro noticed the uptick, so far at 20-percent, in game growth and wondered why it was happening. Through field research and asking members of their online communities, the company discovered that happy memories are the key.

Parents not only want to relive the happy times, but also give their children something warm to remember. That’s why core games like Monopoly, Jenga, Trouble, Connect 4, Sorry, The Game of Life, and Operation are flying off the shelves.

  • Mattel is feeling the love too, with 48-percent sales growth just this year, especially Uno.Ray Adler, their head of games notes, “Games are an inherently social activity that you can do at home or even virtually. We’ve heard so many good stories this year about how games have helped families get through this really tough time.”


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