The Top 10 TikTok Recipes And Food Hacks For 2020

Cooking and baking have become extremely popular during the 2020 pandemic and people have been sharing their individual creations and food hacks on TikTok to keep everyone entertained. TikTok videos are limited to 60 seconds but here are the Top 10 for 2020—some of these are pretty basic but let’s give credit to originality!

Donut Cereal – throw some donuts in a bowl and pour syrup of milk on top

Pancake Cereal – basically the same as donut cereal with pancakes

Whipped Coffee –simply whipped cream, ice, coffee and some milk

Banana Bread – popular this year with ripe bananas and throw in some pecans and chcocolate

Ice Cream Cakes – Dylan Lemay’s account shows him making these for clients and adding entertaining commentary

Chocolate From Scratch – how about just buying a Hershey Bar???

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread – a creative way to basically make Nutella

Bone Sliding Effortlessly Out Of A Pork Butt – kind of speaks for itself

Cream Cheese On Bell Peppers – and some added ingredients like pepperoni

Potato Gnocchi – Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Holly team up in a hilarious video

Pretty amazing what folks cooped up will do for entertainment in this 60 second format—can’t wait to see what will be the top choices for 2021!

Source: Guilty Eats

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