Women Are Starting To Leave Makeup Behind For The Natural Look

Women are discovering they don’t really need makeup. This year has changed a lot of things, and one is the ability to go out. So why put on makeup? Skincare company Foreo did a study on the trend and discovered women, instead, are focusing on skincare.

The shift has been from having a large makeup collection to more skincare products. Women are reluctant to use masks at home, though. They’re unsure which is best for them. The survey revealed other interesting tidbits:

  • 59-percent are going bare faced more often
  • 42-percent want to cut down on the makeup products they use
  • 59-percent say they’re looking for a routine that not only cares for their skin, but their mental health too
  • Just under a third are seeking more immersive experiences to unwind and relax with
  • 64-percent want to be more confident in their ability to look after their skin

Source:SWNS Digital

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