'Bots' Are Snatching Up All The Playstation 5's!

Walmart and other big name retailers are stepping up their cyber-security measures because "scalper bots" have been buying up PS5s and Xbox Series X consoles, only to later relist them on Amazon or Facebook marketplace at insane markups! Scalper bots aren't just ruining Christmas, they're also being used to snatch the pandemic's hottest items like toilet paper and Lysol. If that's not bad enough, these bots are also snatching up grocery-delivery slots that are reserved for old folks, like your grandma! Not even mee-maw is safe! The retailers are doing their best to fight these bots, cancelling their orders as soon they're placed. It's an all-out war, though; Walmart had nearly 20 million bot attempts in the first 30 minutes they put their PS5s online. Also, using scalper-bots like this isn't exactly illegal. There are measures in place to protect concert-goers from ticket scalpers, but the government hasn't placed any measures against retail-scalping. Read more here https://www.reuters.com/article/us-retail-ecommerce-scalper-bots-insight-idUSKBN28I0VL