Tips for Keeping Your Live Tree Looking Healthy and Fresh

Lots of people are getting live Christmas trees this year, and they're getting them sooner than ever. If you want to keep your tree looking healthy and fresh -- and not become a dried-out fire hazard before Christmas Day -- you need to follow these simple expert tips:

  • Make sure your tree has a fresh cut at the trunk before you leave the lot.
  • Make sure your tree is well-watered, and never let the water level get below the base of the tree. If the tree doesn't have enough water it won’t keep drinking, and you’ll have to cut the end of the trunk again.
  • Keep your tree away from any heat sources or it will dry out much faster.
  • Use LED lights, which produce very little heat and save on energy costs.
  • Keep pets and unattended little ones away from the tree.(Easier said than done!)(BHG)