Experts Say Don't Use Winter Scarves To Replace COVID Preventing Face Masks

  • As the temperatures drop in some parts of the country, people might feel tempted to use a winter scarf as a COVID face-covering instead of a mask.
  • One expert says no.
  • Christopher Sulmonte is a project administrator with Johns Hopkins Medicine Bio-Containment Unit.
  • In a statement, he said, "A winter scarf is not a replacement for a facemask.”  
  • Sulmonte continued, "Winter scarfs can commonly be a single-layered or made of a thinner material compared to a two-layer cotton facemask. Even if wrapped, it’s possible that not all breathable surfaces would be multilayer or would cover the nose to chin without gaps."
  • Continue to wear your mask. Drop a scarf on top. You might feel even warmer! 

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