These Are The Top Hobbies We Found For 2020

If there’s one thing positive that came out of 2020, it’s we learned how important down time is. Escaping with hobbies was the big trend. So big, thatAlly Financialteamed up with One Poll to find out exactly how we spend all the extra at home time.

The results of the poll show two-in-three say they’ve had more time to escape with hobbies and odd jobs more than ever. It’s no surprise that cooking became the number one hobby. Close behind were reading and writing.

Some other things we did and thought about?

  • About three in four of all those polled say that finally having time to spend on hobbies is a welcome positive in an otherwise dreary year
  • When it comes to cooking, it was done 74-percent more than before the world situation
  • One third say gardening is how they spend their time, followed by exercise
  • One sixth have even started fixing their own cars
  • For 72-percent who focused on cars, that’s the best place to be alone

Source:SWNS Digital

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