The Electoral College officially casts its ballots today (Monday), formalizing Joe Biden's win in the Presidential election last month. But what actually happens?

  • Each Elector in each state actually casts his or her ballot on paper. 306 will vote for Biden, and 232 will vote for President Trump.
  • The Electors then count the votes and sign six Certificates of the Vote.
  • Those are sent to the President of the Senate (Vice President Pence), the secretary of the state in which the Electors meet, the archivist and the federal court in which the Electors meet.
  • The final state to vote is Hawaii at 7 p.m. ET. 

Congress officially counts the votes on January 6th. This is generally a symbolic procedure, but at least one congressman, Mo Brooks of Alabama, plans to challenge the results at that time. Legal experts say this could cause a few hours' worth of chaos but will not prevent Joe Biden from being inaugurated. (CBS News)