Americans Would Rather Give Up Alcohol Than Food Delivery

Have you been indulging in more beer, wine, or cocktails this year? It’s been a stressful one and lots of people have increased their alcohol consumption in 2020, and now many are planning to participate in Dry January next month to take a break from booze. A new survey from Aqua ViTea Kombucha asked folks about their drinking habits and it turns out, there’s something they value more than alcohol - food delivery.

More than half (65%) of those polled say they’d rather ditch alcohol than give up their favorite food delivery service. And while we may enjoy a few extra cups of holiday punch over the next few weeks, a lot of people are already looking to the New Year to curb their drinking. Of those planning to do Dry January, 33% say they’re going alcohol-free next month to improve their overall wellness and nearly one in five are doing it to cut down on calories and to shed any extra holiday pounds they put on.

But just how much are people imbibing these days? According to the survey, 36% say they have an alcoholic drink two to three times a week, while 33% report drinking two to four times a month.

Source:Fox News

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