Gordon Ramsay Rates The Best And Worst Viral Cooking Vids

Gordon Ramsayis famous for roasting people with lackluster cooking skills and since he joined TikTok in January, he now has over 17-million followers with hilarious and honest feedback on some of their questionable food videos.

According to Ramsay, “There’s an exciting plethora of young talents on TikTok that are super, super talented….and then you cut to some really bad crap.” Hey, no one ever accused Gordon of being subtle!

  • One video that really bugs him is “the guy that bought a rib-eye steak and he macerated it with something like four pounds of butter. It turned this thing into one of the greasiest, most disgusting steaks I’ver ever seen.”
  • He’s not entirely negative as he has found a few trends that he has really enjoyed like the off-the-wall beef Wellingtons. People will cook a gorgeous steak and cover it with mashed potatoes or phyllo dough and other elements to create meaty, cake-like creations that he approves of. “I saw one guy the other day that made a Christmas tree out of a Wellington,” he notes. “And then the top file mignon he covered in gold leaf. It’s gone berserk.”

Meanwhile, Ramsay is bringing some of the most popular viral cooking trends of 2020 to life. While we just missed alive paid cooking demonstration on Facebook last weekend(it raised money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London) we’re guessing there’ll be more – as he really seems to enjoy himself!


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