Kid Racks Up 16K On Mom's IPad, Apple Says She Has To Pay

Connecticut mom Jessica Johnson is stuck with a $16,000 bill after her 6-year-old son, George, went on an online gaming shopping spree, making a bunch of in-app purchases while playing Sonic Forces on her iPad. What started as a few micro purchases at $1.99 graduated to $99 purchases and more that Jessica initially thought were fraudulent. Instead of reporting the charges to her credit card company, Jessica went directly to her bank. But once they found the culprit, the 60-day grace period to contest charges had passed -- leaving her without recourse from Apple or PayPal. Seems Jessica didn’t know she had to do special settings on the game to prevent this from happening – and reportedly Apple had no sympathy.

“My son didn’t understand that the money was real. How could he?” she said. “He’s playing a cartoon game in a world that he knows is not real. Why would the money be real to him? That would require a big cognitive leap.” Jessica, a real estate broker who works on commission, is now struggling to pay off the debt. “I didn’t get a paycheck from March to September,” she said. “My ­income has decreased by 80 percent this year." (NY Post)