Less Than Half Of People Are Sleeping "Well". Here's Some Tips To Help!

If you’ve tossed and turned this year more than last, you’re in good company. The latest research shows that about 1-in-3 Americans have slept worse in 2020 than in 2019. Mattress Firm conducted the survey to find the problem areas of sleep and give solutions.

Only 38-percent of people can say confidently that they slept well this year. One area hit hard has been the amount of time we’re slumbering. It’s down to five and a half hours compared to six hours and 17 minutes last year. The oddest finding is more of us are accidentally becoming morning people.

So how do we get the rest our body needs to function? Here are some ways that are helping those polled:

  • Upgrading pillows
  • Buying new sheets
  • Getting a new mattress
  • Changing the bedtime ritual
  • Adding a self-care routine
  • Reading more or using white noise

Mattress Firm’s sleep health expertDr.Sujay Kansagrasays creating a peaceful sleep space is key, as is creating better habits. The survey noted that putting devices away and going to bed earlier and unwinding are the focus of 2021. Dr. Kansagra agrees.

Here’s to better sleep in 2021!

Source:SWNS Digital

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