Mom Praised For Parenting After She Punished Son For Bullying

It’s not a surprise that many parents don’t see eye to eye on parenting. Every child is different, so parents find what works for them. That may not sit well with others. In one case, however, a UK mom has been universally praised.

Her 10-year-old son opted to take scissors, at school, and cut up a classmate’s coat. The mom was angry and horrified that her child did this. Then she came up with the perfect punishment. The boy had to give his brand new coat he got for Christmas to the child with the cut up coat. Perfect.

Now you see why commenters online shared “Well done! Brilliant parenting at its finest!” and “Good parenting...very caring mother...teaching your child the proper way.”

By the way, if her son ever does something like that again, he’ll have to give away his gaming console.


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