Shipping Delays Are Leaving Millions Of Packages Stranded

Because of travel restrictions and the COVID situation, Americans have shipped a record amount of packages for the holidays.

That has caused gridlock, stranding about six million packages a day, according to software company ShipMatrix. Another 2.5 million packages are being picked up daily but are not reaching their destinations on time, the data show.

Be aware that some experts are warning that packages that have not yet been mailed will not reach their destination using standard shipping before the Christmas holiday. Packages you’ve already shipped may not make it on time either.

Some retailers with Etsy have seen their shipments to customers delayed since mid-November.

Part of the issue is the jump in shipping for the entire year due to people not wanting to shop in stores. FedEx and UPS also cut off some retailers from shipping with them for now, so they used the USPS… which is adding to the backlog.

Source:CBS News

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