Yelp Lists The Best Pie Shop In Every State

There’s a new list of the best pie shop in every state according to Yelp. The list was compiled by 24/7 Tempo and further reviewed by Zagat, Food & Wine, Eater, Thrillist and The Daily Meal. Here are some of the standouts by city and state.

  • AlabamaJaWanda’s Sweet Potato Pie in BirminghamYelp rating 4.5
  • ArizonaMamma Toledo’s The Pie Hole in Phoenix- Green chili apple Yelp rating 4
  • CaliforniaI Like Piei n Claremont– Chocolate chip chess pie Yelp rating 4.5
  • ConnecticutCutie Pies inThomaston– Apple Cranberry Yelp rating 4.5
  • FloridaP Is For Pie Bakery in Orlando–Caramel pecan hand pie Yelp rating 4.5
  • HawaiiHawaiian Pie Company in Honolulu– Passion orange guava pear Yelp rating 4.5
  • IllinoisBang Bang Pie & Biscuits–Logan Square,Chicago– Blueberry pistachio Yelp rating 4.5
  • IowaKathy’s Pies & Bakery in Cedar Rapids–Dutch apple Yelp rating 4.5
  • LousianaNot Just Pie in Monroe– Banana caramel Yelp rating 4.5
  • MichiganSister Pie in Detroit– Salted maple Yelp rating 4.5
  • MississippiTom’s Fried Pies in Richland– Pineapple Yelp rating 5
  • New YorkPetee’s Pie Company in NYC– Black bottom almond chess Yelp rating 4.5
  • South CarolinaSugar Bakeshop in Charleston– Buttermilk Yelp rating 4
  • TexasEmporium Pies(Emporium Arts District in Dallas) –Granny Smith apple Yelp rating 5

And in New Mexico it is the Burro Street Bakery in Cloudcroft, with a Yelp rating of 4. They recommend the "Walnut Fruits Of The Forest" pie

If you didn’t see your state, find the complete list at the link below and don’t feel too guilty about indulging in these sweets—2020 is almost over and you deserve it after a year like this!

Source:USA Today

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