Man Goes On Strange Criminal Spree

According to court papers, James Eric Mondragon went on quite the crime spree earlier this month in Hammond, Indiana.

He started at a Dollar General, where employees confronted him after seeing him eating food items without paying for them and shoving other stuff into his pockets. He was also carrying a box of diapers, which he shoved into an employee's chest, and then ran out the door.

Mondragon then showed up at a fish and chicken joint and tried to place an order, but demanded it immediately. When a worker said he'd have to wait, he got angry and threw a tip jar at her -- and then left.

But he saved the best for last, loading up a Walgreens shopping cart with $200 worth of Christmas toys and other merchandise, then trying to leave. When a worker threatened to call police, he told her to "go ahead" and kept on going. Officers arrived, and he led them on a high-speed chase, careening down a local interstate at 110 miles per hour before crashing.

Mondragon has been charged with robbery, two counts of auto theft, attempted battery, three counts of intimidation, two counts of theft, operating a vehicle as a habitual traffic offender, resisting law enforcement, reckless driving, disregarding a stop signal, speeding, unsafe lane movement and failure to return to lawful detention.

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