Teacher Rides Horse To Help Students

Cicilia Gatica is a teacher who works in a village in the country of Chile.

Just like here in the U.S., many students in Chile are staying home from school and working remotely.

Unfortunately, some of those students have to deal with poor Internet connections -- while others can’t get online at all.

In order to help her students keep up with their lessons, Cicilia spends up to eight hours each day on horseback, visiting them at home and conducting one-on-one lessons.

Cicilia -- who has earned the nickname “horse teacher” -- carries around all her supplies in a book bag and is committed to reaching each student on a regular basis.

She even goes so far as to visit the kids out in the fields when they’re needed by their families to help with the farm work.

Cicilia recently won a special “New Heroes” award for her efforts -- and will continue to help her students through these unusual times.

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