What Is Your Most Scandalous Kiss?

Have you ever had a scandalous New Years Eve Kiss?

The Folks at the Wisper have asked that question and the responses are hilarious.

  • “The one time I had a New Year’s kiss the guy spilled his entire drink on me. How romantic.”
  • “My year-long crush kissed me on New Years…the next day she took it back and said she regretted it…heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.”
  • “I kissed a picture of my crush on New Years.”
  • “I got so drunk on New Years that apparently I kissed my sister’s boyfriend. I’m a guy.”
  • “On New Year’s Eve I was with my boyfriend. But at midnight I didn’t kiss him. I kissed my cat instead.”
  • “I kissed my crush on New Years. It was like a movie scene. I love my life.”