Dunkin Unveils New "Extra-Charged" Coffee

If you’re looking for an extra jolt of energy to kick into 2021, Dunkin’ says they have the solution for you: Extra Charged Coffee. How “extra” is it? It has 20% MORE caffeine than Dunkin’s classic coffee. Apparently, it gets the extra “charge” from green coffee extract.

Just like the other offerings, it can be ordered hot or iced and as an incentive to try it, Dunkin is offering medium Extra Charged Coffees for $2 through January 26th. But that’s not all they’ve got in their grinders.

Dunkin has also added two other new coffee options:

  • Dunkin’ Midnightis billed as the brand’s darkest roast
  • Explorer Batch, which is a medium roast and part of Dunkin’s Limited Batch Series.

Not sure which one you want? Dunkin suggests you take theMy Dunkin' Mood Quizand the results will recommend a drink for you. And get this…if you do, you can also enter to win one of five prizes including $5-thousand, Dunkin’ coffee for a year and more!


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