Majority Of Parents Want To Cut Back On Kids’ Screen Time In 2021

A lot of parents relied on technology to keep their children entertained during the coronavirus lockdowns, but now that we are in a new year, many feel it’s enough, and are looking to cut back their kids’ screen time.

A new survey finds:

62% of parents regret not sticking with strict screen time rules during quarantine.

70% of parents think it’s important their family start the year off with a break from technology.

77% believe that taking that break will improve their kid’s mental and emotional health.

64% find their children are more irritable and anxious after a full day of looking at screens.

70% say all that extra screen time directly relates to how stressed their kids become.

As for how to go about restricting their kids screen time:

47% of parents say they’ll opt for a family-wide screen off time.

Another 47% plan to confiscate phones and other devices.

46% hope to distract their kids with something else.

42% plan on making them earn screen time back by doing chores.

Source: SWNS Digital

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