TikTok Trend Has Teens Cutting Pricey Ugg Boots Into Slippers

Parents and teens don’t always agree on fashion choices, and a new TikTok trend isn’t helping matters. It seems the youngsters are taking scissors to their expensive Ugg boots to turn them into slippers and some moms and dads aren’t happy about it. It seems to have started after models likeIrina ShaykandEmily Ratajkowskistarted stepping out in new ankle-length Uggs, a style known as the Classic Ultra Mini, and now teens on TikTok are trying to DIY the look.

“Have an old pair of uggs you never wear anymore?” says the text onone videowith more than 500,000 views. It then advises viewers to cut them to get new slippers. And since the popular Australian shearling boots have a seam at the ankle, teens are using that to guide their cuts. But it’s not a cheap move. Tall and short Ugg boots range from $150 to $200, while a new pair of the slippers is around $100.

Some teens, like TikTok user@abbyj420see the snips as a way to revive old boots. In her video, she explains that her Ugg boots are seven years old and she wants to cut them to see if she can reuse them instead of throwing them out. And she’s happy with the finished product, even though she admits, “I’d probably only wear them in the comfort of my own house, but still, recycle baby.” But some parents aren’t so thrilled to see the footwear they paid hundreds for sliced up.Marissa Gomezadmits she was a little angry when 16-year-old daughter cut her Uggs, but she’s happy to see her wearing them more now than before.

Source:New York Post

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