Pennsylvania Student Raises 30k In Homemade Pizza Sales For Charity

When coronavirus hit in March of last year, University of Pennsylvania student Ben Berman was planning a dinner party with a handful of friends, but had to cancel the party because everything was getting shut down.

So instead of feeding his friends at his place, Ben made pizza -- and then dropped the pizza in paper bags down from his second-story window, using a string and pully system.

Well, that stunt has grown since then, and Ben is now selling the pizza from his window to anyone who makes a donation. But instead of pocketing the money, he’s donating all the proceeds to charity.

Amazingly, he’s already raised more than $30,000 -- and says he wants to “keep adding on zeros to that number."

If all goes according to plan, he’ll receive his Master of Business Administration degree in the spring and work in the health care industry. And even though he expects to be busy with his career, he hopes to keep this charity effort as a big part of his life moving forward.

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