How To Help Your Pets When You Go Back To Work

We adopted many pets during the COVID era. Now that we’re heading back to work, our pets will not like it.

Being at home with fluffy and spot has been destressing during these trying times, but now we have to handle our pets’ stress. Pets will start to display some naughty behavior as we leave them for long periods of time. To prevent you from getting angry, here are some tips on how to help your furry pal be less anxious.

  • Remember - it’s not about you. It’s about the sudden change in their routine
  • Punishment is not the answer
  • Praise won’t help either
  • make it a point to give your pet lots of exercise and mental stimulation
  • Make your leaving the house a low key event
  • Practice short absences
  • Use plug in calming devices that release pheromones
  • Leave a piece of your worn clothing with them
  • Leave an activity for your fur baby to do
  • If the separation anxiety is severe, consult a vet for supplements or medication


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