Moms Are Desperate For “Me Time”

There’s no doubt the past year has been particularly tough for moms, which is why it seems the one thing most moms are looking for is time for themselves. In fact, if dads and kids are already looking for things to get mom for Valentine’s Day, they may just want to leave her alone. 

A new Zuilly poll finds:

  • 55% of moms have spent so much time with their partner in 2020 they really just want some “me time” this Valentine’s Day, or any other birthday or holiday coming up.
  • Moms are so in need of “me time” that they would be willing to:
    • Give up their cell phone for a month (32%)
    • Give up all their PTO for a weekend to themselves (32%)
  • But finding time for themselves isn’t easy.
  • 46% of moms say it would be easier to take more “me time” if they got help at home.
  • Another 42% say they would take more if there were more time in the day. 

But when they are not spending time by themselves, they do want to be with their partner. 

  • 70% of moms say they desire more quality time with their S.O.
  • 92% describe “quality time” as being in the same room but doing separate activities.
  • When it comes to their love language, 35% of moms say things have changed since the start of the pandemic.
  • Among the things bringing couples together these days:
    • Doing household chores (45%)
    • Cooking a meal together (36%)
    • Playing video games (28%)
    • Sharing memes (27%)
    • Co-creating TikTok videos (26%)
    • Playing board games together (26%)
    • Date nights at home (25%) 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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