TikTokers Are Cutting Old Bras For This DIY Hack

TikTokers are cutting up their old bras, but for a good reason. We’ve all got bras that we never wear, but can’t seem to throw away, especially if we spent a lot on them. So some women are now taking scissors to them to give them new life instead of just letting them collect dust in a drawer. The TikTok bra hack has ladies cutting out the padding and they’re left with an unlined, lacy piece of lingerie they actually love.

They make it look pretty simple: Just take a bra with lace and padding and use scissors to remove the padding so all you’re left with is the lacy skeleton of the bra. Those who’ve tried it recommend cutting near the underwire of the bra for a precise cut and to keep going until all the “bra guts” are gone. They say once the pads are out, you’ve got a bralette that’s cute and comfortable.

User@Lila.Gellerrshows off her skills with the scissors in several how-to videos and shares that the lacy bras she’s created aren’t itchy and she loves them. And lots of other TikTokers who’ve tried it say they can’t believe how well it works. “It came out so good,” userClaire Meyerexclaimsin a video after cutting her bra. Other users call the hack “life-changing” and urge women to “Please go do this OMG.”

Source:In The Know

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