Man Climbs Skyscraper In His Wheelchair To Raise 700K

Lai Chi-wai is a former rock-climbing champion who was paralyzed 10 years ago in a car accident – but that hasn’t stopped his desire for adventure, as he recently attempted to climb a skyscraper to raise money for charity.

Lai was actually strapped into his wheelchair as he pulled himself, one arm over the other, up a rope attached to the top of the 1,050-foot Nina Tower in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, when he got up to 800 feet, wind gusts made things impossible for him. His wheelchair began to spin and Lai began to fear for his life. He ended up calling off the climb, just short of his goal.

While he felt bad that he couldn’t get to the top – especially since he still had strength in his body – it was still a successful stunt, as more than $700,000 was raised for charity.

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