Study Says Three To Four Cups Of Coffee A Day May Lead To Longer Life

Some of our habits may not be great for our health, like staying up too late or not exercising, but it turns out, our daily coffee habit may actually help us live longer. There have been all kinds of previous studies on caffeine consumption, includingone fromthe New England Journal of Medicine that found a link between coffee and a lower risk of chronic illness. But this largestudyfrom Italy finds “moderate consumption” - which they consider between three and four cups of Italian-style coffee, or espresso - is associated with lower mortality and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Researchers tracked more than 20-thousand participants over a period of eight years and their coffee intake was measured using a 30-milliliter cup size, which is the standard Italian espresso cup. The results of the study show that compared to the folks who don’t drink coffee, drinking three to four espressos is linked with “lower risks of all-cause mortality” and specifically, from cardiovascular disease.

Scientists say this may be from a specific compound called NTproBNP, but anotherstudyby German researchers suggests the health benefits could be linked to caffeine. Their findings show that about four shots of espresso is the sweet spot for getting all of coffee’s benefits.


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