It Takes This Many Hints To Get Someone To Propose

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we bet there are many gals hoping to get a ring on the big day. And while some guys will make the decision to pop the question all by themselves, it seems a lot of women have taken matters into their own hands to help things along.

A new survey finds:

  • 54% of people say they’ve dropped hints to try and get their S.O. to propose.
  • It takes an average of 36 hints over eight months to get a proposal.
  • The most common proposal hints include:
    • “Accidentally” sending texts or emails with advertisements for rings (59%)
    • Purposefully put on shows or movies about weddings to spark a conversation (45%)
    • Enlist friends start talking about engagements (38%)
    • Leave open tabs/websites about weddings (37%)
    • Go shopping together and casually pointed out rings (31%)
    • Bring up a conversation about engagement rings (28%)
    • Talk about favorite styles of rings (26%)
    • Make clear the ring size that was needed (18%)
    • Outright say they wanted to get engaged (18%)
    • Talk or joke about being married in the future or refer to things that would happen “when we’re married” (11%) 
  • But if these hints don’t work, some people are not above taking matters into their own hands.
  • In fact, 49% of people got tired of waiting so they decided to propose themselves.
  • When it comes to their actual proposal, 75% of people say there’s nothing they would change about it.
  • Interestingly, 51% of people say the most important thing about the proposal is the ring, with only 17% saying it’s the person saying “yes.” 

Source:SWNS Digital

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