Clear Pictures Of Alleged UFO Are Taken Over Los Angeles Freeway!

We have a UFO sighting in Los Angeles in which an eyewitness was able to snap a few pictures that are the clearest shots we've seen when talking about UFO sightings.

An eyewitness shot these photos last Saturday while heading south on the 101 Freeway, just outside of Thousand Oaks as she was approaching Westlake Village around sunset. She was on her phone when she saw this thing hovering in the sky, flying in the same direction she was heading with a group of lights trailing behind it.

The eyewitness says she shot three consecutive photos as quickly as she could, and it shows the unidentified object appearing to have changed positions, both tilting ever so slightly and moving to a new spot in the sky. The UFO was only visible for a few seconds before it literally vanished into thin air. It appears that the pictures were not fake and not altered in any way. Take a look here