Will Two Masks Do The Job?

There's been talk about wearing two masks to help fight the spread of COVID and new variant strains. The CDC's current recommendation says to wear a cloth mask with two layers. The mask should cover your nose and mouth snuggly. According to an infectious disease expert at Boston University, Dr. David Hamer, that should be enough. However, two masks could be beneficial in certain situations. Dr. Monica Gandi, an infectious disease expert at the University of California, San Francisco, told the AP that a cloth mask combined with a surgical mask could provide nearly the same protection as an N95 mask. Gandhi says double masking when you are indoors around others will help fight COVID transmission. A cloth mask that allows you to add a filter in between the two layers is great too. Read more here https://apnews.com/article/does-two-masks-give-more-protection-3bcaaedbe29c1535f2336660e9929d77