Americans Will Spend 400 Hrs A Year Watching Something Their Partner Likes

There are a lot of things folks are willing to do to avoid fighting with a significant other, and apparently that includes watching a lot of shows they don’t really want to. 

A new survey finds:

  • The average American will spend four hours each week watching a TV show only their partner likes.
  • This translates to 408 hours a year of sitting through something they don’t find appealing.
  • For 65% of people, sitting through a program they dislike is a sign of true love. 
  • But not everyone is willing to put up with an S.O. with different tastes in TV and movies.
  • In fact, 42% of people say a potential mate not liking their favorite show or movie is a “deal breaker.” 

And deciding on which program to watch can become an issue if you don’t always agree.

  • 89% of folks living with others say it’s a hassle to decide what to watch.
  • 67% would watch something they don’t like just to escape an argument over it.
  • For groups, 50% say it takes 10 minutes to pick something to watch.
  • And in general folks say it’s hard to decide on a program.
  • 64% believe they waste hours strolling through guides and menus trying to pick something.
  • Another 64% find it so overwhelming they usually just watch something they’ve already seen.

Source:SWNS Digital

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