Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Gives 30k To Family

Jalen Hurts plays quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

At the end of last year, he learned about a seven-year-old boy named Erick who was battling cancer -- and how Erick’s family, including five children, was living in a two-bedroom trailer.

Jalen wanted to help the family, so he surprised them with a $30,000 check that they can use to purchase a home.

Jalen also played catch outside with Erick -- and gave him an autographed jersey.

It was a big day for Jalen as he explained that he just wants to “make an impact in the city of Philadelphia” -- and offered up the ultimate compliment, telling the seven-year-old that “he would fit right in at an Eagles practice because his teammates like people who are strong and courageous like Erick.”

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