Employee Wins Car, Then Gifts It To Co-Worker Who Commutes On Bicycle

Winters are usually quite chilly in Appleton, Wisconsin, but that hasn’t stopped Chick-fil-A employee Hoku Taniguchi from getting back and forth to work on her bike.

That all changed when her friend and co-worker Haley Bridges gave her a car.

You see, Haley won the car during a holiday party raffle back in December. She already had a car, so instead of keeping it herself, Haley offered it up as a gift.

It didn’t take long for Haley’s gesture of kindness to be repaid, as Haley’s aunt held a fundraiser to get her auto loan completely paid off.

Now, both friends have reliable transportation -- and no car payments.

Haley calls her co-workers her “second family” -- and was thrilled be able to help make her close friend Hoku’s life easier, especially during these winter months.

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