McDonald’s New Pokemon Happy Meals Are Being Bought Up

It’s the Pokémon franchise’s 25thanniversary and McDonald’s has teamed up with them to celebrate with Happy Meals branded with the mascot Pikachu that also includes toys and Pokémon trading cards. The meals were released on February 9thand are only available for a limited-time.

Evidently, folks are grabbing the meals in hopes of scoring rare Pokémon cards and possibly ignoring the food altogether. Some rare cards are “holo” and “foil” varieties that have a kaleidoscopic sheen. They have been included in random packs of Pokémon cards for years but there has been a recent spike in their value, making them very collectible.

The cards themselves have a value of about $10 a pack on the resale market which is about double the price of a Pokémon Happy Meal and many McDonald’s locations are limiting the number of packs that can be purchased. By the way? Some boxes of hundreds of the cards have shown up for sale for as much as 10 grand!


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