New Study Reveals The Sleepiest, Most Stressed & Most Vain States & More

There are a lot of things that contribute to a person’s overall health, like a good night’s sleep, managing stress, and more. And it’s pretty apparent that folks in some states may not be doing all they should to be as healthy as possible and now a new report reveals where folks in some states are lacking.

  • Persona Nutrition has just come out with their first annual Health Needs Index.
  • Based on a survey, the found that out of 15 possible health concerns, folks' Top Five included:
    • Energy
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Beauty (hair, skin and nails)
    • Digestion
  • When it comes to energy, 53% of people say it’s their top concern, with folks in Michigan and Ohio deemed the most Sluggish States.
  • The most Stressed States include Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, with 34% of those residents most concerned about stress in their life.
  • Georgia and North Carolina are the Sleepiest States, with 34% of their residents saying their top health concern is sleep.
  • New Yorkers and Californians were dubbed the Most Vain, with 29% of their residents admitting their top health concern is beauty.
  • Finally, California and Massachusetts were picked as the Windiest States, with 28% of residents saying digestion was their top health concern.

Source:Business Insider