Couples In Quarantine Are Saying Goodbye To “Bathroom Boundaries”

At the beginning of a relationship, there are certain things couples won’t do to keep the romance alive, and that’s particularly true when it comes to the bathroom. But it seems after months of living together in quarantine, those rules have gone out the window. 

A new survey of couples living together since quarantine finds:

  • 64% of couples say their “bathroom boundaries” went away after moving in with a partner.
  • Bathroom habits folks did in front of their partner for the first time during quarantine include:
    • Taking a bath (70%)
    • Washing face (68%)
    • Showering (68%)
    • Peeing (30%)
    • Flossing (29%)
    • Brushing teeth (28%)
    • Pooping (25%)
    • Changing a tampon (18%)
    • Changing a pad (15%)
    • Wiping your butt (3%)
  • The average couple will have six conversations a month while one of them is on the toilet.
  • 31% of people say they are perfectly comfortable talking on the toilet but their S.O. isn’t.
  • 60% of couples say that even though they found it awkward, discussing bathroom-related topics strengthened their relationship.
  • But there are some topics folks still aren’t comfortable with.
    • 51% aren’t down with talking about their bowl habits.
    • 37% aren’t comfortable talking about their menstrual habits.

Source:SWNS Digital

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