Divorce Court Awards Wife $4 A Day For Housework

How much is housework - like washing dishes and doing laundry - worth? According to a landmark ruling in China, it’s about four-bucks a day. A judge in a divorce court in Beijing has ruled that a woman should get 50-thousand yuan - which is about $7,700 - for the “household labor” she did during their five-year marriage.

The first of its kind ruling compensates the wife and mom of one for domestic work under a new Civil Code, which is part of a push to reform China’s legal system and strengthen personal rights. It explains, “Where one spouse is burdened with additional duties for raising children, looking after the elderly or assisting the other spouse in his/her work, the said spouse has the right to request compensation upon divorce against the other party.” Okay, but FOUR DOLLARS A DAY?!

As you might’ve guessed, the decision has sparked a heated debate on social media about gender rights and responsibilities. Some are cheering that domestic duties are being legally recognized, but others are critical about the amount...because OF COURSE THEY ARE!

  • Apparently, part of the problem is that there’s no clear standard on how much the compensation should be and the judge notes that the courts will need to “accumulate experience” to determine the amount in future cases. In this case? Critics say the amount she was awarded is barely as much as a maid or nanny would earn with the high cost of living in Beijing.

Source:NBC News

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