Women’s Household Responsibilities Have Doubled Over The Last Year

This past year has been a struggle for all of us, but it’s been particularly hard on women, with a new study suggesting gals’ household duties have nearly doubled in the last 12 months.

A new survey finds:

  • 47% of women say they feel pressure to “do it all” in their household.
  • This time last year, the average woman said they were responsible for seven household duties.
  • But since lockdowns began, they have taken on an additional six new responsibilities.
  • They have also taken on additional roles within their family, including:
    • Primary caregiver for children (47%)
    • Daughter-in-law (38%)
    • Household head chef (19%)
    • Mother (19%)
    • Business owner / entrepreneur (15%)
  • So, what does the average day look like for most women? Well, it breaks down as follows:
    • Sleeping: 4.29 hours
    • Working: 4.12 hours
    • Caring for children: 2.69 hours
    • Caring for parents: 2.26 hours
    • Supporting friends: 2.18 hours
    • Unwinding / self-care: 1.97 hours
    • Cooking: 1.89 hours
    • Supporting other family members: 1.75 hours
    • Household chores: 1.62 hours
    • Other: 1.24 hours

So, are women getting any help at home?

  • Well, only 10% of those surveyed say their partner takes on the same amount of roles as they do.
  • 67% admit their partner takes on fewer roles.

Source:SWNS Digital

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