Most Women Feel Pressure To "Do It All"...And They Usually Do

Women have a tendency -- maybe it’s even built into our DNA -- to try and “do it all.” And that has become especially true during the pandemic. A newsurveyby Conair -- in recognition of International Women’s Day -- found that 47% of the women surveyed said they feel pressure to “do it all.” And that pressure has only increased, with the average woman taking on nearly double the number of household responsibilities since this time last year.

The survey found that while the typical women had about seven household duties to take care of at the beginning of 2020, she now has close to 14. Not surprisingly, the average woman reported getting only four hours of sleep every night. Of the women surveyed who were in relationships, just 10% felt that their partner took on the same number of responsibilities as they did. Nearly 70% said their partner did fewer things around the house.