Peeps Makeup Line Is Here In Time For Easter

We’re just weeks away from the return of the Easter Bunny and all the sweets he brings, including everyone’s favorite marshmallow treats, Peeps. But this year, there’s a new way to show your love for Peeps and there’s no sugar involved. HipDot, a makeup company that’s previously teamed up with food companies, like Tapatio hot sauce, has just released a Peeps makeup line.

The collection is inspired by the colorful Easter treat and features the hues Peeps are famous for. It includes:

  • The eyeshadow palette- This six-shade set includes bright and neutral colors in matte, shimmer and glitter finishes. But even better? The festive names like “Bunny,” “Marshmallow,” and “Sugar-Coated.”
  • The Peeps Sponge Set- The four-piece makeup sponge set comes in four different colors (pink, purple, yellow and blue) and they’re made of latex-free foam. Plus, they actually look like Peeps, so they’re adorable and they make your makeup look flawless.
  • The Peeps Collection- You can also get both the eyeshadow and makeup sponges together with the full set.

The limited-edition Peeps makeup line is available on HipDot’s site, as well as at Ulta. And unlike the candy Peeps, the makeup is vegan.


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