More Than Half Of Employees Are Looking For New Jobs This Year

If you’re hoping to find a new job this year you are not alone. Based on a new survey, it seems a lot of folks are ready find a new gig so you’ll be facing some stiff competition.

Achiever’s Workforce Institute’s fourth annual Employee Engagement & Retention Report finds:

  • 52% of American employees say they plan to look for a new job in 2021.
  • The two main reasons folks want to find a new gig include:
    • Better compensation and benefits (35%)
    • Better work/life balance (25%)
  • The pandemic has also played a role in why some workers are not happy with their current job situation.
  • 51% of those working from home worry they are being seen as less productive.
  • For this reason, 40% of workers are starting their jobs earlier and working later.
  • And an additional third are skipping lunch breaks.
  • Additionally, 46% of employees say they felt less connected to their company or colleagues over the past year.
  • 42% also say company culture has diminished.
  • This is due to:
    • Lack of communication (26%)
    • Lack of an effort to make remote employees feel connected (25%)

Source:Yahoo Finance

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